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Platform & Issues

Primarily, I will always put the people of Lyon County and their long-term interest above all else as we navigate through what we all realize will be years of projected growth.

My focus will be in protecting our vital resources, encourage and promote industrial growth that will provide high paying careers, and as a conservative, fiscal responsibility to relieve over burdensome taxes from our residents. 

My  three biggest priorities if elected:

  1. Improve communication between the elected officials from County and our communities so that we can better serve their residents. I will leverage my years of experience dealing with our state elected officials to change laws that are negatively impacting our communities.
  2. Work with NDOT to create an access management plan that NDOT can utilize as a tool for highway safety and improve transportation within and between our communities.
  3. Work closely with all our economic partners throughout the region to assist and encourage diversified business growth that will thrive not only during good economic conditions but also be sustained through times of economic challenges.

How do I envision  growth effecting Lyon County?

Growth is a complicated subject depending on what region of the county you reside. We live in a rural county with limited resources that must be protected and not consumed by outside developers and companies that only do business here to export cheap labor and our resources.

My decisions as commissioner will always be for the people of Lyon County and with foresight toward the generations that will have to live with decisions we make today.  My areas of focus regarding growth will be the overall health and welfare of our communities, its senior centers, libraries, roads, and parks.

Informed steady leadership is required to successfully guide Lyon County forward. My experience and in-depth understanding of current Lyon County issues will enable me from day one to serve well our diverse communities through this period of growth.

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